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The Controversial 11 Treaties

April 29, 2013


Our lovely host Isaac M. will bring up some small talk and a current event (The Boston Marathon Bombings: Brothers arrested) like usual, and will then steer the show into the question of the day: “With the original treaties signed (between the Natives and Canada), what do both sides think they have “honoured” and what do they think the other side has failed at?”

Act 1:

Two of the guest experts and Isaac will give background information on the “Numbered Treaties”. As usual, if any information that Isaac believes the viewers would like to hear is missing, he will inquire and prod the experts for answers.

Act 2:

Isaac knows that something is unfair with the treaties so he drills the guests for answers. He believes that the treaties had miscommunications and were unfair to a degree so he questions the guests in hopes they will answer.

Act 3:

Any more pressing questions that were not answered in Act 2 are asked and answered.


A few of the experts give one last point on anything they think that needs to be said.

-Isaac, Angela, Sierra, and Duncan

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