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Manifest Destiny Podcast

April 25, 2013


Jeff and the gang cover what we’re going to talk about. The three topics are a) nationalism, b) Manifest Destiny, and why they didn’t attack Canada, and c) the potential annexation of Canada.


  • Introduction into nationalism and its effects on Manifest Destiny, its relation to German Lebrensaum, and transition into James K. Polk and his hypothetical invasion of Canada

  • James K. Polk and his belief in Manifest Destiny. This leading to the annexations of Texas, as well as his agreement with Britain in the Oregon territories.

  • The potential invasion of northwest Canada, due to the belief in manifest destiny. Provides several arguments as to why they would attack Canada

  • The people and reasons that caused disagreements within government, especially with Manifest Destiny belief.

  • The people who did support manifest destiny: those who were religious, those who were interested in economic benefits, those who believed that Americans were the superior people.


Not as it seems – Mystery

Truth of the Legend – Opening

Hidden Agenda – Humor suspense

James K. Polk – They might be giants

Eternal Hope – Calm piano


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