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Is Modern Medicine Killing Evolution? – Vincent

March 31, 2012

What a good question, this is implying the idea that modern medicine is affecting our ability to adapt to incoming diseases and injuries. I suppose there is some truth to this since we continuously repair ourselves without evolving. Those who have been passing on AIDS for centuries have started to develop a gene that attacks this virus. The only problem is that if we wait centuries and centuries, wouldn’t the human species die out?

This is where modern medicine comes in to solve the problem quickly and without fail. We even have developed a partially effective vaccine to AIDS. This won’t take us a millennium just to become immune to this virus, we have simply delayed it with modern medicine. I find this exciting, but isn’t this a bad thing, shouldn’t we just let ourselves evolve, should we let some of the human race die out so it can become stronger on its own? I have my own argument to this, I think we are evolving mentally, not physically like the creatures around us, this is what makes humans, able to defend against such diseases and injuries. Should we just throw this all away to evolve physically.

I don’t think so, the only problem is that we continuously kill ourselves out with this metal adaption. We create weapons, and waste, however there are great benefits to this too, like healing, and helping. Without our mental adaptions we would not have either of these destructive and constructive habits, both with great potential. I think keeping our mental adaption will benefit us far more than physical adaptions, however there is also the possibility for this mental adaption to do great harm. So we humans have been born into this world with far more responsibility and control then the creatures with physical adaptions around us. Now the only question is, should we use it to help or harm or both, or should we just throw it all away?

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