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Your very own virtual girlfriend! -Bronwyn Vaisey

February 8, 2012

Are you feeling lonely?  Do you have a crush that is one-sided? Or do you just feel like your girlfriend is not who you want her to be? Well if you are feeling any of these things I have the perfect solution for you!

Meet your new electronic girlfriend. Whether it is goodie-goodie Manaka, sassy Rinko or big-sister type Nene, your heart will most certainly be captured in a matter of days.  You can walk each day hand-in hand to school together, exchange flirtatious text messages in between classes and even give after school kisses through your touch screen. What more could you ever need?

Well, let me tell you, there much more.  Feeling like going on a romantic trip together? Come to Atami, an entire town built around men and their portable girlfriends.  Hotels have specially designed rooms, where everything is prepared for two guests (for you and your girlfriend of course).   Hotel staff will talk to your girlfriend and act as if she was really standing there. Want to take a picture with your new girlfriend?  Download the iPhone app that takes photos of you and your virtual girlfriend together.

Come now! Join the tens of thousands of other lonely men and with their electronic girlfriend and let your heart fall in love.

If you already have a real girlfriend but have a relationship that has gone long distance, I nevertheless, have something for you too.  Meet the Kissenger. The Kissenger is a pig-shaped robot that relays the sensation of a kiss, allowing long distance couples to transmit kisses minus the saliva.

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