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Let It Snow- Kim

November 5, 2011

Yes, I know that it has only been three days since Halloween, but I want snow. I crave snow, I love snow, and I wish we got more of it.  Did you know that around 46% of the world’s population has never seen snow! Sure, here we see snow once or twice a year, but it never lasts.  It is here one day and gone the next.; washed away by the rain from the sky yet again.

Some people here hate snow.  They think that snow only cauuses trouble, and complain about how they actually have to possibly walk to school and work, or how they might need to go outside and do some shovelling.  Come on, it’s worth it!  Snow provides opportunities to go sledding, tubing, skiing, snowboading, snowshoeing, make snowmen, forts, and snow angels.  What more could you ask for?  Wait a minute…a snow day.  The ones where it snows so much you get to have a day off of school; that has to appeal to all the snow haters!


Whether it’ the association with Christmas, the look of it, or the rarity of it… snow is really something special.  When I see it snowing, it reminds me of Christmas; the perfect, dream come true white Christmas.  I know that when I think of Christmas, I think of snow, even though the only year I remember it snowing on Christmas was in 2008.  Here in the lower mainland we have less than a 11% chance of having a white Christmas.  This is a very depressing statistic!  Why do us Vancouver(ish) people have to put up with rain all year long!  The rest of the country averages around an 80% chance of snow on Christmas day.  It also isn’t like we are some tropical oasis either; we have about two weeks of true summer, two weeks of cold winter weather, while the rest of the year is somewhere in the middle.  I also did not understand why (during the 2010 Winter Olympics), they made it look as if all Canadians lived in igloos!  Seriously, the Olympics were hosted in Vancouver, all it does is rain!  Although, in 2008, we had the first nation wide white Christmas in 37 years!  I remember this Christmas so clearly…I woke up, raced downstairs, looked out the window and saw a light dusting of snow.  I remember feeling so enlighted, carefree and thrilled.   I had never experienced a white Christmas before; well, one that I was old enough to remember.  I also think that when it snows,, it is as if everything is united under one blanket; both people and nature.  I know that when it snows, I love going outside an playing in it (yes, playing in it), and then coming back inside to a relaxing, warm and cozy house.  Cozy, that’s the world that snow gives me, as well as a free feeling.  I think when it snows, we all feel more light, or free, as everything has been covered and buried in a sparkeling blanket.

I am looking forward to the day this year when it snows, and if I could have my way, there would be six feet of it.  So next time it snows, don’t think about the shoveling that needs to be done, or how your vehicle may just not work.  Instead, go out and enjoy yourself…especially if it is Christmas.

If you are wanting to see more information and facts about snow on Christmas day, visit

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  1. Cindy Kube permalink
    November 7, 2011 1:25 pm

    I love your post. I am a teacher in Virginia Beach, VA, and I learned about the work your class does through a webinar with Mr. Jackson. Here in coastal Virginia, it rarely snows, but when it does, that magical feeling permeates our city!

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