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Anxious for the Adventure Trip – Jason

April 12, 2011

As May grows closer and practice trips get harder, I’ve been getting excited for our adventure trip to Goldstream.  Being a Grade 10 plays a factor in my excitement I guess. Last year’s trip in Galiano was so life changing for me, my mind just couldn’t wait for another experience. Although words don’t even come close to what I saw, did, and overcame just under a year ago, I’ll try and give you an overall summary of what it was to me.

Uneasy. Thats what I felt like that morning. I was waking up early and getting to school roughly 2 hours earlier then I normally would, so that I could go on a boat with my classmates and start a week long journey in Victoria. Only time could tell how it would go. 20 blurry minutes, and I was at school helping pack last minute food and moving equipment into the truck.  After the truck was loaded, slowly but surely bikes were loaded into the U-haul and people started getting into cars so we could catch our 9am ferries. In the car I still felt a little tired but I was starting to feel a tingling in my stomach. I was starting something that I had never done before, and I was ready for the challenge. After our trip on the ferries the pace of the trip kicked into full gear as we rode our bikes to our camp site.

After camp was set up, things started turning into a blur. We played countless games whether it was with cards or with a ball. Cycling to new places was a struggle and we celebrated after making it to and from cultural landmarks after cycling over 50 kilometers. There were countless hours of bonding time, where my class mates really turned into my family, as we covered for each other on work duty, and comforted each other when one person was feeling sad. By the end of the day we would either turn in (due to utter exhaustion) or sit on the beach and sing songs. During those last hours of the day were the time of our trip I never forgot.

Our beach was perfect.   It was made out of shells from the Aboriginal people who had lived there hundreds of years before, and water that was almost as still as glass. The sun would set over the water and I would stare into the crimson fire in the sky for hours, wanting to weep in its beauty. My breath would catch in my throat as I saw hundreds of fish jumping out of the water to catch their evening meal. On the other side of us was the forest of evergreens. They stood tall and in silence swaying gently with the ocean breeze. It would seem that if one walked in, they would be engulfed by the forest, never to be seen again, though the idea itself didn’t actually seem that bad. It was this small spot, created by nature, that I fell in love with, and would spend as much spare time as I could in. It felt like my life was completed and that no matter what happened this place would make it okay. But sadly all good things come to an end.

Now, 11 months have passed and I’m getting wound up for the next trip. This year I’m hoping our trip is going to be even better, and with the extra 15 or so people its going to be challenging.  But we are TALONS! We can overcome any challenge set out before us with team work. Already people are starting to look better in our practice trips, people aren’t groaning when they go on them now. Hopefully we can make it, and get up to our physical peak, because in the adventure trip, failure is not an option. Nor would you even want to take it if it even was one! Although this is my last adventure trip it is going to be my best. No matter what happens, we will make this the adventure of our lives.


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